Trademark infringement
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Author:  tcvdveer [ 2015-10-05 01:18:29 ]
Post subject:  Trademark infringement

As a programmer I develop bridges for popular e-commerce platforms to connect to a specific payment provider and I sell these programs through my website.
Example title of a product: "Paypal for Magento". Another example could be "Calculator for iPhone".

It is clear that my website is not from Magento, neither from Paypal or iPhone.

I have tried to contact some payment providers on forehand with my intentions, but in most cases there is no response.

A few times I have received a copyright / trademark infringement warning from a payment provider to remove a product as I seem to commit a trademark infringement in their opinion. As I prefer to work 100% legal and having the need to use some wording that describes the product accurate, are there any suggestions how to advertise products like these without committing any kind of infringement?

Author:  PabloJDrolet [ 2015-12-25 00:32:11 ]
Post subject:  Re: Trademark infringement

The portal through which you are selling your services you need to registered that portal and its trademarks first. Now a days I am working on http://marques.expert/ and according to that you should legally registered your companies trademarks and link these to one of the payment gateway through which you want to receive your payment.

Author:  PabloJDrolet [ 2015-12-25 23:59:50 ]
Post subject:  Re: Trademark infringement

You are receiving those notices that must be because of those trademarks are not registered yet. First of all you need to registered your companies trademarks and then connect those with payment gateway network of your choice. Make the things legally clear from your side so that in future you can claim on others. There are so many things cant write it now, if you are really need of help than you can read créer sa marque , I am sure it will help you a lot.

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