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Author:  dch [ 2017-03-03 00:45:13 ]
Post subject:  Newby question on claims

Hi - I'm trying to draft my first patent, and I'm not clear about one aspect. Lets say I have a device comprised of A,B, and C, which requires coupling C to a source of compressed air D. The device that would be sold has just A,B, and C, but in order to explain the operation of its embodiments, I talk about the D in the description. Then in the claims, I put something equivalent to:

1. An XYZ device comprised of
an A;
a B; and
a C, with said C fluidly coupled to a D.

a) can I refer in a claim to "a D" that is not comprised within XYZ, as I did above?
b1) if someone makes and sells a device that has A,B, and C (but not D), would they infringe the claim?
b2) or would the infringement happen only once it's connected to "a D" by the end user?
c1) if b1 is non-infringing, would that be addressed with the following 2 claims?
c2) do I even need the dependent claim?

1. An XYZ device comprised of
an A;
a B; and
a C;
2. The XYZ device of claim 1, wherein
said C is fluidly coupled to a D.


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