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 BC ($$) vs. Northwestern for hard IP 

BC ($$) vs. Northwestern for hard IP
BC (at $100k cost) 100%  100%  [ 1 ]
Northwestern (at $240k cost) 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
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 BC ($$) vs. Northwestern for hard IP 
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I apologize if this is a question better suited for law school forums, but I am interested in getting the opinion of a more "professional" crowd:

I have an Electrical Engineering undergrad degree from a non-MIT/Stanford/CalTech school. 2 years work experience. BC will cost me $100k, Northwestern will cost me $240k. Consider me BigLaw or bust.

Some have argued that with EE in hard IP, the biglaw advantage Northwestern holds over BC diminishes, making the extra cost not worth it.

Location is not a variable for me.

Which way to go? Please include your reasoning.

Thanks guys!

2013-06-10 16:26:09

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Hi World,
$140k is a huge difference-- I'd go to BC.

I don't know how you plan to finance those 3 years-- but if it's the student loan/work during vacation route, $100k loan translates into large enough monthy repayments, let alone an extra 140K! Also, suppose you do go to NW, but don't get your current dream firm job? Or, you decide that another pathway to fame and fortune exists (like corporate/non-big firm/etc?)

Some background for my answer: I'm an oldie-goldie, and this question is certainly more important to you than it was to me when I was applying for law school. Also, I've been mostly corporate (but have been on the hiring end of things, too). I would consider both schools in the "good school" category (there's only 2 categories-- "good" and "not-so good").

But I'm quite willing to admint that a big law firm probably evaluates this differently-- try looking at some of sites of some of these firms and seeing where their new associates come from-- I would think that both schools are represented. I'd change my answer ONLY if NW is heavily represented and BC was virtually absent

Hope this helps!

2013-06-12 00:37:48

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since you want to work at BigLaw neither school is ranked high enough. you need to take a step back and reconsider going to law school at all.

2014-06-27 10:52:39
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